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Memorial Websites: Create an online memorial for a loved one

If you’re looking for memorial websites to honor a family member or friend, we believe you’ve found the right place. We understand the grief and sense of loss you’re experiencing, which is the reason we’ve created Memorial Post, an online memorial service that’s affordable and easy to use.

We’ve established the only memorial website that allows you to create an online memorial for a loved one that’s quick to set up, offers several pricing options, and does not contain ads of any kind. We’ve been in your shoes, looking for an online memorial service to honor our loved ones, but not wanting to use many of the other sites that have become advertising platforms for companies.

We’ve created a place where you don’t have to pay a small fortune for a one-time obituary in a local online newspaper. A place that spares your loved one the indignity of paid ads surrounding your photos and words of affection. A place where you choose the plan and cost that suits your preferences and budget. We’ve also made it easy to share your memorial for a loved one through social media to inform those you are connected with online.

You want to honor their memory. We’ve made it simple and affordable for you to do so.