• Joan Charlotte Mary Williams

  • August 23, 1928 - November 15, 2017






Joan Williams has left the planet - a fierce and determined woman with a great love for animals and chocolate.

Joan Charlotte Mary Williams passed away quickly and without pain at Mersey Parks Care Home on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  She was born in Liverpool and she was the daughter of Charlotte and Fred Smith and sister to Fred, Ben, Norman and Ron Smith.    

Joan is survived by her daughter Emma Lee and by her two grandchildren, Jade Carter and Dory Thuot and great-grandchildren; Nina, Sebastien and Eli.

Joan was predeceased by her loving husband Tom Williams.

Joan’s childhood was clouded by the Second WW and the devastating loss of her brother Ron, killed in the South Pacific on HMS Dorchester.  In her early20s she worked with racing greyhounds and was constantly rescuing and caring for animals throughout her life.  Caring for animals was her passion

Joan loved spending time with her pets and she volunteered with animal rescue groups.  She was a fierce and staunch defender of animals and she was formidable in her compassion and love for them. Those who knew Joan were very aware she didn’t have much time for humans and preferred the company of her four-legged friends.

Joan loved chocolate of any kind but especially Black Magic.  She was incredibly fond of ice cream and the occasional gin and bitter lemon went down very easily.  She did have a kitty in the last little while at the care home - Poppy, who would sleep with her on her bed.

The family have all seen her in the last little while and will have fond memories of spending time with her.

Joan recently donated to GIN (Greyhounds in Need) and also to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.  Please consider adopting a shelter pet or making a donation to a rescue shelter or sanctuary for animals in memory of Joan.     


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