How to Write an Obituary: Writing Tips

Invite eulogy collaborators

One of the most important tips we recommend regarding how to write an obituary is inviting others to help you. Asking friends, relatives and associates to collaborate on the obituary writing will provide you with additional material in the form of anecdotes, pictures and videos. You will likely uncover some great stories and ideas to add texture to your writing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Give collaborators a time limit

We recommend offering no more than 48 hours for people to send you their stories, pictures and videos to help you write a memorial you’re going to post. This way you’ll quickly have everything you need to get started and create something that will truly enhance the memory of your friend or family member. We suggest sending collaborators a link to this page so they understand how to write an obituary and can send you stories and ideas written in the proper context to make your job easier.

Be upbeat

Being positive following the loss of a loved one is easier said than done, especially at this difficult time, but try to capture the many things that made your loved one unique and highlight the memorable times that you and others experienced with them. Chances are, writing your online memorial will be the defining statement about their life. Make it special.

Write in the “third person”

This keeps the focus of your obituary writing where it belongs - on your loved one. Again, be positive and highlight the good times and memorable moments you and your collaborators shared with them.

Show, don’t tell

Instead of saying “he was caring”, give an example of him being caring.

Use pictures and video

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. At no other time of life is this expression more meaningful. Take it one step further with video and create a legacy for your loved one. Document their personality and life experiences in a way that can’t be done with words alone. The more pictures and video you add, the better.

Edit and be accurate

Double-check dates and names when you write an online obituary. Triple-check your spelling. But don’t worry, The Memorial Post allows you to edit the obituary any time, even after it’s posted.